linux bridging and multicast

linux bridging and multicast

Post by Jerome Tolle » Fri, 13 Jul 2001 19:43:47

I tried to install a linux bridge on my network on which some multicast
traffic is present. It seems that the bridge stops the multicast
traffic. I looked at the bridge source code and i saw that there is no
special code to handle multicast mac adresses.

What can i do ? Does someone experienced the same problem ?
Thanks for help

Jerome Tollet


1. Multicast bridge?

I've got bunches of programs on two separate networks that all need to
communicate via Solaris multicast.  Is there a software tool that will
listen to some multicast sockets on its local network, and when it
finds traffic, sends them to its peer on the other network which will
then multicast the messages in the other network, and vice-versa??

I realize it should be relatively straightforward to write myself
(maybe using and friends), but rather than re-
invent the wheel ...



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