What changed (broke) tulip v0.89H > v0.91g-ppc

What changed (broke) tulip v0.89H > v0.91g-ppc

Post by David Efflan » Sat, 07 Oct 2000 12:23:24

I noticed that many people have trouble trying to compile 3rd party tulip
modules for Netgear and other cards using Lite-On LNE100TX and wondered
why they did not try the incluced tulip module first.  Maybe it is because
the newer tulip module is slightly broken with these cards.

My FA310tx always worked fine with tulip.o v0.89H included in RH 6.1, and
I thought it worked with Mandrake 7.0, but since I upgraded Mandrake to a
generic 2.2.17 kernel I notice that the card will not speak until spoken
to.  In other words tulip.o v0.91g-ppc will not communicate with my laptop
until my laptop communicates with it.  Although, it also seems to work
after 'ifdown eth0' and then 'ifup eth0'.

Fortunately kernel 2.2.17 still includes old_tulip.o which is v0.89H and
works fine.  I am just curious what changed that tulip v0.91g-ppc with
this chip cannot detect a network until it receives network traffic?



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