Kismet can't capture traffic with Netgear WG511T

Kismet can't capture traffic with Netgear WG511T

Post by ├ángel Catal » Wed, 26 Jul 2006 19:58:03


I used to use Kismet with a Cisco Aironet PCM352 and worked fine.
Recently I have purchased a Netgeat WG511T with Atheros chipset. I have
downloaded latest madwifi-ng drivers (both stable and developer
versions) and compiled.

I can use Netgear card with my PowerPC Powerbook with YelloDog with
kernel 2.6.8, and I can associate with my AP and use it, but when I try
to use Kismet 2006-04-R1 version I am able to run Kismet, but I can not
capture any packet. When I run kismet both LEDs on Netgear card blink at
1 Hz (more or less), when I stop kismet then just one of them remain on.
I have tried destroy ath0 managed mode before running kismet, and
nothing else happens.

When Kismet starts, it creates a new monitor interface called "kis". If
you type "ifconfig kis", you can see that kis interface is receiving
packets, but those packets do not arrive to kismet, or at least I can
not see them.

My configuration kismet.conf file is:

  suiduser=(my login name)

I have tried to destroy non-monitor mode VAPs before running kismet,
even I have created a monitor VAP prior to running it although it is not
necessary because kismet creates one.



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