isdn ippd terminated

isdn ippd terminated

Post by Hubert Budeck » Fri, 28 Feb 1997 04:00:00

I'm using a SUSE Linux 4.4 kernel 2.0.25. I want to install isdn and
the teles driver as modules with a Teles 16.3 card. I had a EIDE-Sytem
and the configuration for the Teles-card takes IRQ 10 and IO 180. I want
to start isdn at boot time with a script at runlevel 3. When I started
isdn by hand all is ok. Sometimes when I want to connect via isdn
to another host, and the host is not able to take off, ipppd terminated.
The same problem exists at boot time. Isdn want to dial, and ippd

Does anybody knows a solution for that problem?

best thanks
        Hubert Budecker


1. Terminating parent vs terminating children

Hello all,

Consider the following situation:

A parent process allocates a set of semaphores. It then begins to
spawn children (which use the semaphores). The semaphores are
a global resource and so need to be explicitly destroyed; however
if a *child* process destroys them accidentally then things could
get nasty. So the question becomes: where is the best place to
clean up?

There seem to be two places to put cleanup code: in exit
procedures, which are installed using atexit(), and in signal
functions. In the code that I am patching, the signal functions
exit() and so atexit() would seem like a good idea. However,
I think I am correct in saying that both signal handlers and
exit procedures are inherited by child processes.

I *could* do the following:

int child_pid = -1;
child_pid = fork();
if (child_pid==0)


void MainCleanupProcess(void)
  if (child_pid != 0)
    /* destroy semaphores */

but I can't shake the feeling that there is probably a better
way of doing this. Can anyone shed any light, please?
(Using portable UNIX...)

Thanks in advance,

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