Serving Linux PPP to Win95

Serving Linux PPP to Win95

Post by Dimitri Maziu » Tue, 23 Jul 1996 04:00:00

> I have set up a linux box to serve ppp. IP Masquerade is also running on
> the box, and I have gotten the connection up sucessfully. However, when
> trying to automate the login procedure for win95 using Dial Up
> Networking, I am not able to log in. Win95 is no help in solving the
> problem. My logs show no error messages, but if I do a ps on the linux
> box returns

> *pid* login : /377777{/33333777777

> or some variation of that. The strange characters and lack of a carriage
> return would lead me to believe that 95 is doing some kind of
> negotiation when the linux box puts up the login.

PPP negotiation, I'd think.  You want getty to start ppp instead of
login.  I think agetty is able to do that, read the manpage.

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