Traffic Control in Linux: tc, cbq or others ?

Traffic Control in Linux: tc, cbq or others ?

Post by Ming Ching Ti » Sat, 11 Jan 2003 12:02:35

I have done some reading on traffic control ( tc ) and cbq
on Linux.

The problem I have is I want to implement something which
I deem it a rather 'common' requirement but unable to
translate that into configuration/shell commands.

I have a Linux NAT router/firewall to internet, for example,
say :-


Both the internal/external network are also a LAN interfaces,
but the actual throughput at the EXTERNAL network ( bottlenecking
at the ADSL equipment or some other routers ) is only about
128k ( for example ). Given this situation, I would like to
conserve this bandwidth for IMPORTANT traffic, while the less
important traffic can use the leftover bandwith.

The IMPORTANT traffic, since I have a NAT firewall/router, is
defined as traffic coming in via 'port forwarding'. So I could
define it either at the EXTERNAL_INTERFACE, eth1, say port 11288,
or at the INTERNAL_INTERFACE, eth0, port say port 114. There
are other port forwarding services on this firewall, but there
are considered less important. So they should only use the left
over bandwidth.

So how this be configured on Linux ?


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I have a simple topolgy A--R--B, where R is a router, A is a HTTP
Server and B is a Client. I want to setup a tocket bucket mechnism at
the router R to limit the bandwidth available (10 Mbps) to some lower
value (for e.g. 1 Mbps with 100Kb buffer), linux 2.6 kernel is running
on R,A,B. I have enabled the QoS options and recompiled the kernel.
How do I configure R to apply a tocken bucket filter to packets coming
from A (using IP address), using tc ? Assuming A is connected to eth0
and B to eth1 at R.
Any code/pointers would be helpful. Also R is not actually running any
routing deamon but I have configured it to forward packets
appropriately because of the simple topology, will that be a
problem ??


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