NN problem:Database magic number mismatch

NN problem:Database magic number mismatch

Post by Tony Sarathchand » Sat, 01 Jul 1995 04:00:00

   I am trying to get nn running under a Linux via NNTP. I have installed
NN-NNTP from the network disks and have run nnmaster with INIT to create
and initialise the database.  I have my NNTPSERVER defined in /etc.

When I run nn it says "Database magic number mismatch" and does nothing.

I havent been able to find this error explained anywhere in the docs, could
someone please help.  I have tin running fine so it I take it is nothing
to do with a problem with the newserver.

I use a PPP link.



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        I am wondering  if anyelse has been having this problem.  I installed
the nntp version of nn6.4.18 from slackware.  (By the way everything had been
working ok til I went to the new version of Slackware)  Currently this is my
setup.  I nfs mount a remote filesystem with everything database and files.
And then use nntp to post etc.  With the slackware stuff I keep getting a
database magic # MISMATCH.  I got the beta version of nn4.5.0 and that is
working except for the fact that posting does not work.  I really don't know
enough about nn and want to go through beta code and figure out why it is
not posting properly.   Does anyone know why this error crops up in 6.4.18 ?
Thanks alot for any suggestions.


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