Router/Firewall (routed subnet)

Router/Firewall (routed subnet)

Post by Nico Hoube » Wed, 14 Aug 2002 21:30:37

Hello Everybody,

At the moment i've got a hardware router provided by my DSL provider.

DSL--->ROUTER (x.x.x.45)-----> x.x.x.46 - x.x.x.50 (MASK:

Now I want to realize the following

FIREWALL (EXT: x.x.x.46) , (INT: / NAT), And a NIC
for routing x.x.x.47-50 to a switch for my servers. (WWW/MAIL/DNS/NEWS/ETC)

Now I can't find a document which can provide me and I looked for several
firewall scripts but non could serve me.

Can anybody tell me where to start, or does anybody realized a simular
situation ?


Nico Houben