Writing FTP application for UNIX

Writing FTP application for UNIX

Post by Stephen Gan » Sat, 07 Feb 1998 04:00:00

Hi, I need to know how to write FTP applications for Unix (I figured it
would be similar to Linux and there was no comp.os.unix.networking).  For
Win95, there is a pretty simple API.  Is there some API I should know
about for writing Unix FTP applications?  Where are the headers?



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Hi '
  i'm planning to design a ftp client/server. which will have some
basic functionality and in addition some more functionality. for e.g.
simple commands like put get open etc. & additional command like say
"ACCL" which will accelerate the download of a file without spawning a
process. & using same socket.
  I need help from all of you guys in understanding how should i go
ahead ? for acceleration.
  The idea is, before using put/get command give command "ACCN N" this
will tell client that for forthcoming command (put/get) need to make
'N' different part of a file and download/upload it using same socket
connection without spawning new process. so the flow will be

FTP> get "filename"

so if file "filename" is of size N, it will get downloaded faster
using this command. & using same connection parallely.

 can anybody help me in this context that how i should do it ?


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