Need NT to be Internet Dialup(Sygate 3) with a Linux Workstation

Need NT to be Internet Dialup(Sygate 3) with a Linux Workstation

Post by jasonemur.. » Thu, 25 Nov 1999 04:00:00

I have a really *e here.  I am fairly well versed in Unix now,
and I have had RedHat running at my home since 5.1  Now I have just
installed 6.1 and I want to let it be a workstation for my NT internet
server.  The NT box is running nothing but PcAnwhere 9 server, Sygate 3
server, and BlackIce Defender with standard settings.  All this
computer does is server up my home page and dial up the internet
(temporarily at 56k, until my DSL comes in).  Anyway, I want the Linux
machine to go thru the NT machine to the internet, since I already have
all my other client machines doing this.  Sygate sees the Linux
machines pings in the logfile, but netscape on the linux machine is
telling me it can't find the address, and need to check my name

1) Network is working..I can ping by name or IP, I can see shares from
a Win98se machine
2)  Sygate is registering the pings from the linux box
3)  I am about worn out trying to get this to work.

Hope somebody can help me here..Already tried the How-to's I know of

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1. Routing dialup dedicated Internet Lan connection with Linux/NT?

Hi (If you have seen more than one copy of this message please e-mail
me it does not appear on my news server),

We have a small Windows NT/ Windows 95 Network in our office and are
about to get a 24/7 dedicated dial up Internet connection. Our
provider is providing us with 3 IP address for machines on our
network. (This is the number of machines our project requires us to
have fixed IP's for. I'll use Wingate on an NT machine if I need more,
but it's only a 33.6 connection). DNS will be at their end and I'll
set up hosts files on all of the machines on ours. The ISP assures me
that they won't have a problem getting the IP's to route as a subnet
off of their network. Once it gets to mine it's my problem. I've read
that Linux will act as a router. So what I'd like to do is have the
modem connected to the Linux box (PPP) which I want to handle routing
to the other PC's with IP #'s. I need to know how to make it all work.
I've installed Linux before and used it on a network but my tcp/ip
knowledge is not terrific by any means (but I read well and learn real
        The other problem is how to keep the modems connected full
time we will have USR Couriers at both ends so that should keep modem
related disconnects to a minimum but since the Telco breaks
connections every so many hours unexpected disconnects must be dealt
with somehow, How do I make Linux monitor and relogin each time a
disconnect happens.  
        Is there a good reference on the net or in hard copy for this
type of connection?
        Or should I try it all with NT? Or should I cancel the whole
thing now?

Thanks in advance for any suggestions

Jason Conway

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