Cluster Setup - private network with NFS homeareas on another Network ?

Cluster Setup - private network with NFS homeareas on another Network ?

Post by Shi » Fri, 13 Sep 2002 18:26:40


I've just setup a small cluster to play with and needed some
advise. The cluster is 4 nodes all on a 192.168.10.x subnet - the
head node had 2 networks cards and sits on my main network.

The main network also has my users homearea NFS servers on it (all
solaris currently). Currently the way the cluster with a small local
scratch area on it and users login to the head node and scp files
back and forward from their homeareas.

However this isnt convient for most users and what I'd like to do is
to have their NFS homeareas mounted on to the head node (I can sort
out the autofs to do this) however I want all the nodes to be have
access to the homeareas without having them all on the main network.

Once on the head node some users will run jobs on specific nodes
only iteractively on occasion.

So how can I have a users homearea mounted onto the head node and
made available to all the other nodes. I'm figuring some sort of
re-export but I'm geting nowhere on this.

I'm quite new at setting up clusters so I may be doing things
completely against best practise so any advise on the best way to
achieve what I want and on the best way to organise things as the
experts do it.

Many thx

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forwarding on both boxes.  Machine A is redhat 6.2 machine b is redhat
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Todd Gruben
Daring Technologies
Austin Tx

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