remote vi problems

remote vi problems

Post by Vazquez Vict » Mon, 15 Apr 1996 04:00:00

Hello everyone,

I am having some trouble while running vi remotely. I have a ppp connection
which I use to telnet to a Unix shell account. When I try to run vi
remotely while in X windows using xterm I get a characters that are not
where they are supposed to be. I have tried using CTRL-L to reset the
screen but the same thing happens again. By the way, if I run vi remotely
without being in X it works just fine, but I want more than one window open
at a time. Do I need to get a different type of terminal window, or just
some settings not setup properly? Any help is greatly appreciated.




1. Remote login vi problem

This is probably fixed via enviroment settings but, when I login to my
netBSD machine and start vi(for example) the cursor keys get translated
to those (A B C D) sequences.  I have no problems logging into my
openBSD, freeBSD or Linux machines, just the one netBSD machine.  Plus
on login I've tried setting my terminal to vt100, but I get the same

Anybody else experience this, and know what the work around for it is?

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