'ssh node "ls -lR"': consumes all memory on the client!

'ssh node "ls -lR"': consumes all memory on the client!

Post by Zoli » Sat, 15 Sep 2007 00:37:44

 This issue is with a volume exported from the server, when accessed
indirectly via SSH from the server, i.e. not logging into the node:

 ssh node "ls -lR /files/export > /dev/null"

 The command takes up all available memory (near 4Gb) on the node,
while generating hundreds of thousand of slabs (nfs_inode_cache and
dentry_cache) as seen with slabtop. The system is rather plain Ubuntu:
2.6.15-26-amd64-k8 kernel.

 /etc/exports on the server:

 /etc/fstab entry on the client node:
home:/files/export /files/export nfs
rw,nosuid,rsize=32768,wsize=32768,tcp 0 0

 I'd very much appreciate any pointers on how to treat this problem.



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I have a RedHat 7.0 machine serving PPP for a Win98 laptop to dial into.
As it stands, I can connect, and I can see the web, but ONLY machines
outside of the subnet of the server. Thus, I can surf to yahoo, but
not to my own home page...I can telnet across campus, but not to my
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What aspect of the PPP config would let me see "far" but not "near"?
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asyncmap 0
netmask xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx (the subnet mask used by the server)
ms-dns xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx (the primary dns)

As I understand it, I do NOT want to add "defaultroute" above? When I
do, the connection log says:

pppd... not replacing existing default route to eth0

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