My vote for most helpful

My vote for most helpful

Post by GenGok » Thu, 16 Aug 2001 08:59:47

most helpful and all around nice guy Dean Thompson :P

thanks. i'll look into making (finding) the script. i think i saw one
when i was searching google the other day


1. VOTE:>call for votes comp.unix.wizards

[Oh goody, here we go again.]


you're wrong again. Please admit it. Take the floggings. Post an apology,
please for all of our sakes. You did not follow the guidelines, and it's
becoming increasingly annoying(to me, in *my opinion*) to even see your name in
this group. Even I admit when I'm wrong, ask my users, and friends!!!!

Many of us who run sites, even if you post a call for votes that
follows the guidelines, will not vote for your proposal. Many more of us will
completely ignore a newgroups message from you. Therefore, your
attempts could only possibly be successful, and at that, only in a few sites.

If the wizards who started this many moons ago would like to start a
call for votes(and the "wizards" are a known entity), then and only
then will I pay attention to any further discussions on this topic. Period.

Erik Fair's message from last week still stands. Erik is the moderator
for the email list, and many more folks will pay attention to him, than

best regards(you're now in my KILL file

---->>RIP Stevie Ray Vaughan 1954-1990 You Will Be *Missed*<<----

Steven C. Blair         Network Operations Center
SynOptics Communications Inc. Mountain View, California

---->>RIP Stevie Ray Vaughan 1954-1990 You Will Be *Missed*<<----

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