Network card 3c905TX and LinkSys LNE100TX

Network card 3c905TX and LinkSys LNE100TX

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   I am trying to setup my home network.  I have got RH6.1 on two
machines.  I have got two NIC on my e-machine ( Netgear FA310TX and 3com
3c905 TX ).  Netgear FA310TX is up and running on eth0, connected with the
cable modem (dhcp) and everything is working fine.

   I tried to bring up the 3Com 3c905-TX. I added the alias entry "alias
eth1 3c59x" in the /etc/conf.modules file. On the /etc/sysconfig/network-
scripts/ifcfg-eth1 file, I added the following lines..


  When I tried to boot the system, it gave the error message "Delaying
eht1 initialization". After login, I tried to bring the card up by using,
   ifconfig eth1 up

  I found the card was up, when I issued the command "ifconfig" with inet
addr:  But there was no LED - Green light on the card or in
the HUB.  Ping worked fine. When I tried to see the status using "pump -i
eth1 --status", the command failed and then I couldn't see the eth1 card
up when I checked the status with "ifconfig".  But again I tried to bring
up the card with "ifconfig" and it came up, but the same problem persists.

  I tried to change the cable modem connection from eth0 to eth1 and
changed all the required files and started dhcpcd with eth1 ( 3c905 TX ).
The command failed and I got the exit code as "14".

  When I tried to bring up the card ( Link Sys LNE100TX ) on other
machine, I got the error message "Delaying eth0 initialization". tulip
driver is available on that system and I have made the alias entry in the
conf.modules but still it is not coming up. ifconfig eth0 up
also failed!!.

  Please help me in solving this problem.

Thanks In Advance,

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