dhcpd: Open a socket for LPF: Invalid argument

dhcpd: Open a socket for LPF: Invalid argument

Post by I Hate SP » Thu, 17 Jun 1999 04:00:00

Slackware 3.6 kernel 2.0.35 dhcpd V2.0b1pl18
all basically "out of the box" - no recompiles,
few add-ins.
What is the subject error message telling me? I'm a
newbie to dhcp, but I have dns running on the box,
am able to access it from OS/2 desktops and use
www, ftp, telnet; nslookup appears fine from the
local box and the OS/2 desktop.
I can't find an explanation anywhere on the
dhcpd error, and the source is not helping me.

To reply via email, I am 76747 dot 2012 at compuserve dot com


1. Open socket for LPF: Invalid argument (dhcpd)


I am attempting to set up DHCPD (SuSE 6.1). Read the ManPage, searched
the HowTos and searched the SuSE support db. These documents have got
quite far, considering I am taking it one step at a time.
However /var/log/messages lists this error:

Open socket for LPF: Invalid argument

Bet I'm doing something silly. Any suggestions?

--Paul Butterfield.

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