NC6134 and RH7.2

NC6134 and RH7.2

Post by Michael Leptuc » Fri, 25 Jan 2002 09:09:35

Hi all,
I'm running RH7.2 on a Compaq DL380 server.  I have a Compaq NC6134 gigabit
fiber NIC (with latest RPM from Compaq) in the server, and until this
morning have had no communications issues with the NIC.  Today, all of a
sudden, the server upon boot will achieve network connectivity (ping,
telnet, etc all working), but after 1-2 minutes, the NIC interface will drop
off of the network.  Eth2 is still showing as up, but any pings to the box
timeout, and any pings from the box return 'destination network

I've tried swapping fiber patch cables, ports on the fiber switch, and even
a different fiber switch, all to no avail.  The only way to restore network
connectivity is to power cycle the server.  When I do an ifconfig my
interface is showing general errors as well as buffer overruns, so I'm
thinking the NIC might have developed a physical problem with its internal
buffers (flow control on the switch is, and has always been disabled).  It
kind of makes sense, since it does initially work for a minute or two
(perhaps as the buffer is filling up?) and then stops...

Just wondering if anyone has seen similar issues.  I've got an identical NIC
still in the shrink wrap, so if moving the existing NIC to a different PCI
slot does not work, I'm going to try a fresh 7.2 install with the new NIC.

Any thoughts or ideas would be welcomed...  Please post here and reply to


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