ISDN \w Teles 16.3: 'event xxx no routine' errors

ISDN \w Teles 16.3: 'event xxx no routine' errors

Post by Karsten Blee » Sat, 16 Nov 1996 04:00:00

Hi There

I got a problem with isdn4linux together with a TELES S0 isdn card. I
use a TELES S0 to connect to our ISP via HDLC/trans. The linux machine
is configured solely for dial out, but we have several other devices on
the S0 bus as well (a Novell AVM Router with AVM-B1-Card and several
Win95 PCs with either Teles S0 or AVM Fritz cards).
The problem: Linux outgoing connections work fine for unknown amount of
time, then don't work at all. I traced the problem down to
/drivers/teles/fsm.c, reporting an unknown eventhandler ("no routine")
for ISDN-Event. But for I don't know anything about the implementation
of the ISDN-driver or where and when the eventmatrix is broken, I better
leave that to people who know what they're doing.

Any help/fixes are apreciated.

Thanx in advance

PS: a copy of my rc.inet1 and logs of /dev/isdnctrl0 are attached to
this  posting (packed! no need for everyone to read that mess of
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ISDN \w Teles 16.3: 'event xxx no routine' errors

Post by Holger Marz » Wed, 20 Nov 1996 04:00:00

You didn't mention your version of i4l.
I had the same problems with a 1.2.x-Kernel. The 16.3 card isn't
supported by i4l for these kernels.

Just upgrade to a 2.0-kernel. i4l is included in the source-tree. It
works fine with my 16.3 card.

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Well.. i'm trying to configure a Teles S0/16.3 board with loadable
(i gave up on the PnP  board, now i have a regular 16.3)
The actual problem is that when I compile the driver into the 2.1.90
it loads ok but it loads before the secondary ide-interface and steals
irq 15!
thus... the secondary ide interface gets no irq...
I need to assign another irq to either the isdn-board or the
isdn-interface via lilo...
or I need to succesfully load the isdn driver as a module (so i can
assign another irq then)!

the module problem is that when i load the isdn module ( hisax.o ) i get

hisax.o: unresolved symbol __cpu_logical_map
hisax.o: unresolved symbol smp_num_cpus

none of my other modules exhibit this behaviour...
btw.. conf.modules is empty.

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