Inside Firewall Network Disconnect

Inside Firewall Network Disconnect

Post by Somcha » Sun, 28 Nov 1999 04:00:00

Dear sir,
    I don't sure, anyone has the same problem like me.
    I just setting my Linux (486, 32M memory) with Debian Potato. I already
config the IP Masquarding and Forwarding.
It work well. But, it has something wrong(may be BUG) because it alway
disconnect inside machine. This was occure the last time when I use Slink
    First, my network has 2 machine, Linux(firewall) and Win98(my working
machine). Now, I use ipmasq+ipchains.
    Usually, when I access to some homepage which has some error or
disconnection. My Win98 machine was disconnected from Linux too(I cannot
ping from Win98 to outside machine,can ping to Linux inside port but cannot
to outside port).
    And, every time when I first start my Win98 machine. I cannot connect to
outside too.
    I solved this by try to use telnet to outside port of Linux. It has some
delay and connect.  After that, I can access to outside well. And will
cannot again when my access to outside server fail.
    Another example, when I print from Win98 to outside network printer. if
the document is too long, I think, printer stop or no response for a long
time to print out the buffer. That time, my Linux disconnect my Win98 to
outside and I cannot retry my print job. I must telnet to outside port which
has some delay and connect. Then, I can access to outside again.
    I think, this may be a problem of Linux kernel,right?
    Can anyone help me to solve this?

Thank you,
Somchai Limsiroratana

Agric. Process Engineering and Technology Lab.
Kyoto University, Kyoto, 606 JAPAN
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