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I am running Redhat 4.0 and Card Services detects and connects with my
modem just fine. Hardware is a Gateway Solo 2100. (Laptop) It is time to
add a 10 Base 2 ethernet network card!

There seems to be disproportionately fewer 10B2 cards relative to 10BT.
Does anyone have a recomendation for a card that is known to work or is
in the SUPPORTED.CARDS list and is known to be readilly available? One
problem is that the list does not allways indicate what type of card a
given model is. The next problem is that the list seems to lag the
industry a bit and a 10B2 card that I might inquire about may have what
I presume is a more recent model number for a given manufactuer.

Fujitsu has an extremly tempting 10BT/2 combo card model FM10308 which I
was given an $80 quote today. Does anyone have this card working under
Card Services?



1. PCMCIA 10B2/10BT/100BTX recommendation?


I'm trying to build a network of laptops, and I want to use Linux (RedHat 5.2)

as my OS.  The problem is that this particular project requires maximum
flexibility, which means that the PCMCIA Ethernet card has to support 10Base2
(thin-net) 10BaseT, and 100BaseTX....So far, I've seen cards that will do the
10/100 thing, but I haven't seen any that also include the BNC connector for
10Base2 connectivity.

Can anybody help with a recommendation?


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