6 Leased line connections using slattach

6 Leased line connections using slattach

Post by Anton Bouw » Thu, 29 Jun 1995 04:00:00

I want to set up a Linux box as a router for 6 leased line connections
and one ethernet connection. My problem is that should the carrier
drop on one or more of the leased line modems, I need to reconfigure
that interface completely. More importantly, if more than one
interface goes down, I have to reconfigure all the interfaces because
slattach doesn't connect a specific interface to a specific device...
but uses the first available slip interface. I need answers to two
1) Can I force slattach use a specific interface for a specific device
ie. sl0 is always the interface to /dev/cua0, sl1 to /dev/cua1 etc?
2) Is there a way to keep the interface up even if the carrier drops
on one or more of the leased line modems? The nature of the system is
unfortunately such that the modems will from time to time lose the

Thanks in advance



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Any experiences, suggestions? Help would be real great.

thanks in advance for every help


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