ISDN card setup problems

ISDN card setup problems

Post by Richard Man » Thu, 07 Jan 1999 04:00:00

I have an Eicon Diva 2.0 PCi card and it is recognised by the HiSax
driver and sets itself up with 2 channels and the protocol is the
European ISDN (which should be compatible with our Australian ISDN).
I have the lilo.conf file with append="hisax=11,2" which may be wrong.

When I use minicom to dial out I set up the serial port as ttyI0 and the
configure with ATZ, AT&Ephone_number, and then dial.
I get a pause, then press RETURN and get No CARRIER.
When I dial me ordinary home phone I get a BUSY instead.

It looks like something is happening but I don't know how to get past
Can anyone help