teles isdn driver and ITR6

teles isdn driver and ITR6

Post by Ralf Loe » Thu, 19 Sep 1996 04:00:00

Hay all
I have compiled the new 2.0.1 kernel with isdn support. I I boot my
kernel foud the teles isdn cars (S0.16) with the right protocoll
supported by our telecomunication mashine.
I have added the needed devices in /dev/ with the new mayor/minor
I try using minicom to connect using atdS i receive  BUSY. I have
selected difference EAZ 0/1 and differnce protocolls ats14=4 ats18=1
or ats18=5 or ats18=4.

Do i need any special modules if i am using the kernel driver?????

please help