NFS Broken in Debian Linux 1.1

NFS Broken in Debian Linux 1.1

Post by pic.. » Fri, 26 Jul 1996 04:00:00

After much grief, I managed to get linux to allow me to use NFS. I can read &
write to a dir called shared.

But, when I mount my second hd to /shared, I can no longer write to the drive.
The permissions are correct.

try to copy something to g: (shared drive name), it will stop and say permission
denied. But, if I try again, it will work (but the next file will stop), etc etc.
At first I thought it was my dos NFS client (XFS), but another program did the same deal.

It does this when I mount the floppy to shared as well.

I use mount /dev/hdb1 /shared.

If I ftp to /shared when the second hd is mounted, I have no trouble sending files.

Any ideas?