(crynwyr) and ncsa telnet and Linux plip (crynwyr) and ncsa telnet and Linux plip

Post by Peter Jord » Thu, 01 Aug 1996 04:00:00

Hey there .. I got crynwyrs and Linux with plip compiled in..
now I have a plip cable ... seems crynwyr says 16 should go to 16
but Linux says nothing .. I am not sure if it makes any difference one
way or the other.

I tried both ways.

Anyway, I can get packets to go accross the cable... as
shown by both pktwatch (crynwyrs stuff) and Linux'es ifconfig,
but for some reason all the packets sent to
the DOS box from Linux are being dropped according to pktwatch.

Also, when I try to telnet to the Linux box I get ncsa's telnet telling me
that the remote host or gateway is not responding , but Linuxes
ifconfig shows packets being received...

Can anyone provide me with some clues as to what I am missing ?
Also how can I configure it so that I can telnet into the DOS box ?

Thankyou very much.
Perhaps also you can direct me to a more appropriate newsgroup.



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I am trying to connect a DOS machine to a Linux box using PLIP.

Connecting two linux boxes using PLIP is no problem. Everything  works
fine. But DOS to Linux....
Linux side: Kernel 1.2.13
Dos side: Crynwr packet driver PLIP.COM version 11.0
         Trumpet winsocket protocol stack

Trumpet recognizes the packet driver without problem. When I try to connect
from DOS to Linux, an ARP request is sent, and apparently also
received by the Linux box. arp -a shows the new entry in the arp table, and
ifconfig -a also shows the received packet. But then the reply is
not received by the dos machine. In /var/adm/messages I get plip transmit
Now my question: Has anybody ever connected a DOS machine to Linux
using PLIP?

Thanks for ANY replies.    

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