PPP demand dialing in Linux RPMs?

PPP demand dialing in Linux RPMs?

Post by Jeff Webe » Tue, 28 Jul 1998 04:00:00

Does anybody know if PPP demand dialing will work after installing
Redhat Linux kernel-*-2.0.34-1.i386.rpm +

Previously, I have only been able to get PPP demand dialing by patching
a kernel-source-*.rpm with the ppp -*.tar.gz patches, that is, Redhat
wasn't putting this feature in their kernel RPMs.

    Jeff Weber


Jeff Weber

Laboratory for Atmospheric and Space Physics, University of Colorado


1. linux 2.018/kerneld/PPP dial on demand: 'network unreachable' then starts dialling

I recently upgradet to the 2.0.18 kernel from 1.2.13, and decided to
switch from using diald to the kerneld-based dial-on-demand solution
documented in the kerneld READMEs.

Most of the time, my connections come up OK (except for some
irrelevant rumbles that I suspect are due to a misconfiguration
on my ISP's side), but when I try starting ncftp from the command
line, I get this:


NcFTP: nic.funet.fi (101): Network is unreachable

NcFTP 1.9.4 (April 15, 1995) by Mike Gleason, NCEMRSoft.

Tip: If you don't want a .ncrecent file in your home directory, put
     command '#unset recent-list' in your .ncftprc file.


then, after some seconds, my modem starts dialling and a PPP
connection gets established. To me, it looks like ncftp times
out immediately, but kerneld processes the package anyway.

Is it possible to devise a workaround for this?

- Peter

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