lan and win95 ppp

lan and win95 ppp

Post by Jaso » Sun, 15 Jun 1997 04:00:00

how do I get my lan of Linux and windows96 to be on a ppp connection.?
I am trying to make the ppp connections which I have now on the linux
box.........I have the lan connection between the Linux and the ppp
working.  How do I get the Windows95 to see the ppp0 connections so the
can both have internet access at the same time..........I have tryied to
route them but I don't

Jaosn romo


1. how to ppp(win95) - pppd(linux)+eth0 -- lan -- win95

I'm looking for some pointers on setting up linux as a ppp router of tcp/ip
and IPX.  I'd like a remote computer to be able to dial into my linux box
and have it routed onto my lan such that tcp/ip traffic and IPX would work.

If this is set up correctly will the remote computer appear in the
network neighborhood of the other machines?


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