Need Help for Routed/GateD

Need Help for Routed/GateD

Post by bu.. » Wed, 07 Feb 1996 04:00:00

I am trying to get gated pass a RIP packet to remote cisco router to add
additional route for me. I get a static connection from ISP. they assign  
me a sunbet to use. netmask In my knowledge, 192 netmask
legally allow 2 subnet. they give me
when I conenction to the cisco via PPP. I get the remote
address is
this is my gated .conf what the tech ppls on isp give me

rip yes ;

export proto rip interface
        proto rip interface eth0
        { metric 2 ;


I never get it work. This is the last script I try. I try using all
difference sample everywhere. Seems like it didn't add the rest of the
hosts on local to remote router. THe System Admin there said I need to
use RIP to add all the route for the rest of my network.



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up as a ppp client to dial into my ISP and would like to work it so that
I may use this connection as an Internet Gateway for both machines.(ie
Run Netscape on the machine without the ppp dial up connection and have
the packets routed to the correct address - which will be dynamically
allocated by the ISP's dial up ppp server).  I am trying to make sense
of all the documentation - and I've read a hell of a lot of it - all the
recommended Howto's, Linux Network Admin Guide etc..  I understand I
need to get a copy of Gated to replace Routed - but I can only get
version 3 that says it is for Linux 1.3.47 ? Where can I get a version
that will work correctly on 1.2.8?  Or am I ot going about the process
in the correct manner? Any tips on how to accomplish the above would be
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