Do we need another 'newspuller' ?

1. I need an 'md,' but do I need a 'mkdev?'

I'm about to install slackware on a box with RAID5 boot disks.  To make
it just a bit spicier, I'd like to do a straight from the box, Linux
only, install.  System (a Dell PowerEdge) has already configured the
drives as RAID and set up 'containers,' a step prior to partitioning.
I've downloaded a bootdisk for the controller, but after the root login
neither fdisk or cfdisk can avail themselves of any devices (BTW, as if
it were'nt complicated enough) the system has an onboard SCSI controller
to handle CD-ROM and tape drive).  I've looked at some of the HOW-TOs,
and mini-HOW-TOs, and I'm thinking I need to force cfdisk to look for
/dev/md0,1,2,etc. rather than /dev/rdxxxx.  Any affirmation for that?
Do I have to 'make' a device that incorporates the latest drivers for
the controller?  As an aside to the last question, the raw C driver
files are a minor rev. over the drivers in the bootdisk.  Gotta love it.


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