Help! Newer kernels and tulip.c

Help! Newer kernels and tulip.c

Post by Lance Kalz » Sun, 03 Dec 1995 04:00:00

Has _anyone_ out there modified the tulip.c driver (handles the DEC
DC21140 EtherNet controller, found on the SMC EtherPower 9332) so that it
works with the newer kernels? (1.3.35 -- 1.3.45)

Please e-mail or post any hints on this.  Thanks in advance.  BTW: I
checked his webpage at NASA and it didn't have anything that wasn't there
six months ago... :(

                                Just another lamer in the soup,
                                Lance Kalzus


1. help with kernel make ... newer documentation ???

I have compiled a new kernel on redhat 7 and received the same results I
have in the past ... a kernel that wont boot.
I compiled the 2.4.0 kernel source procured from on a BP6 mobo
(dual processor) 96 megs ram.
I read and followed the steps in the README file.  I did this:
1. make mrproper / make menuconfig / make dep / make bzImage / make modules
/ make modules_install
2. copied the image from ../linux/arch/i386/boot/bzImage  to
3. edited /etc/lilo.conf ... yanked 4 lines and modified them ... ran lilo
... it added the image w/ no complaints ...
4. rebooted and selected that image ... It uncompresses the kernel image
then ...............   just hangs.

Would someone be so kind as to point out mistakes or point me in the
direction of some good documentation?

Thanks in advance,

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