Intel 82559ER on PCM-3350 (NS Geode GX1 & CS5530)

Intel 82559ER on PCM-3350 (NS Geode GX1 & CS5530)

Post by Chris Churc » Sat, 09 Aug 2003 22:24:40

I'm running Linux 2.4.20 on an Advantech PCM-3350 board (PC/104, with NS
Geode GX1 300 MHz CPU, CS5530 companion chip, Intel 82559ER 10/100
network chip).  I'm using this board as part of an embedded device to
capture video, and the max speed I can get transferring the video files
off of this device is about 2.8MB/sec over Ethernet.  When I write a
small program to sit in a tight loop and send out data over the
Ethernet, I get at most 4.8MB/sec (and CPU usage is nearly 100% during
this time).

I've tried both the e100 and eepro100 drivers, adjusted TCP settings,
run the transfers over switches, hubs and crossover cables, with no
significant difference in performance.  Should I be able to get faster
speeds off of this board?  Has anyone else run into similar problems?


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