can i build a mail server that can build class based groups?

can i build a mail server that can build class based groups?

Post by The Pauley » Sat, 08 Aug 1998 04:00:00

I need to setup a e-mail and web server approximately 1000 students...can
Ido it with linux? I know its possible with NT but I am in love with
linuxand need to if and how the following is possible...

This project would provide an e-mail account for each student.(already done)

It would also automatically build class based groups so teachers couldeasily
e-mail an entire class (by graduation year).(how do i go about doing this
with no version of messaging server out yet?)

Is this possible??? Please answer soon school is only a few weeks away and
Ineed to set this up soon...preferably with linux 2.0 redhat 5 not NT.

Ryan Pauley

please use e-mail address


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Is there any code that written like curses, in c++. I mean various kind
of class like socket , termio , file (Unix Compliant) , IPC,pipes, that
can are already pack into classes or method that are ready to use like
windows MFC.
Are there any organization developing it? The reason I need is I am using
OO as to implement my project.Especially is OSF/1 , since I am using
digital UNIX. Any help will be extremely appreciate.
Thx in advance
the hong kong technical college

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