Router can't find my subnet...Help please

Router can't find my subnet...Help please

Post by Eric Jon » Wed, 09 Aug 1995 04:00:00

I'm trying the classic "connect my hobby net to the Internet". Linux
seems to be working great as a router with one problem. My home net can only reach the host I dial into. The upstream router is


How do I get the router to know about my backside subnet? I run routed
-s and a few seconds after connecting, shows up in's route tables.

The PC can ping the Annex and vice versa. The ppp interface on the
Linux box can reach everything.

Unfortunately, the Annex won't do RIP broadcasts, only listens. Can I
force a RIP packet from Linux to the router or will I have to add a
static route on the router.

Thanks all,


P.S. I'm using valid class C addresses. I used for brevity


1. Linux newby, I'm tryning to do a linux router for 2 subnet, please help

Hi everybody,

It is a great step to me to try using Linux in my compagny. I am a
Windows certified but I like to use other possiblities to do a real
network, so that's why I am trying to use Linux for a router purpose

( as you can see my english is not very good, sorry for that ...)

But I need help ... I am trying several linux system (Mandrake SNF,
Madrake 8.1) to do what I am going to describe below :

Host 1 --- .247.5 --
(sUBNET 1)          |                  ---------
                    |--- ETH0 (.247.8) | LINUX |
                                       |  BOX  |
                                       |       |
                    |--- ETH1 (.248.8) |-------|
                    |                      |
HOSt 2 --- .248.5 ---                     ETH2
(SUBNET 2)                             (.247.100)
                                     PIX FIREWALL
                                    INTERNET GATEWAY

Because I don't know with what I need to play to make that work, I
I know that several of you have read a lot of documentation and I do
that also but a little help will be very appreciated.
When I use SNF with a 2nics box, all is good, the box and the host
connect to internet. but way it comes the 3rd nic ....
I know that maybe I have to play with masquerade but how ?

If you can give me some advices, it will be very apreciated !

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