some clients don't work connecting to proftd

some clients don't work connecting to proftd

Post by D. Alvara » Mon, 17 Mar 2003 05:40:05

   I'm running a Mandrake 8 Linux server with ProFTPD as the ftp
server.  That is behind a router/firewall that only allows access to
ports 21, 22, and 80.  Oddly, when I try to ftp into my server through
Mac Fetch or PC WS_FTP, both in passive mode, I can get login
authentication, but then both applications time out with the message
"Retrieve of folder listing failed."  However when I am logged to my
Solaris server at work and connect through command line ftp calls, I
can manuever freely through ftp (e.g. login, get and put files onto my
Mandrake server, etc.).

    My question is, how can I connect through the Mac and Win Ftp
clients and why does the Solaris "ftp" command work when the others

Thanks in advance, Dave


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 I've compiled and installed X11R5 on our RS6000 320H (AIX 3.2.1), and it worked
fine. Then I messed up with some InfoExplorer databases and reinstalled some of
the packages from the install tapes. Now X11R5 clients fail to open display
unix:0 while local:0 (and of course localhost:0 and `hostname`:0) work fine.
AIXwindows clients work with both the original and the X11R5 server, so I guess
it's not a problem of unix domain sockets in general.
 Did anyone encounter the same problems? Or better yet, does anybody know what
I may have messed up?

Thnx, Andy


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