Counting traffic on multiple ip adresses ?

Counting traffic on multiple ip adresses ?

Post by Emmanuel CHILAU » Mon, 23 Aug 1999 04:00:00

Hi all !

I'm using a linux RedHat 5.2 server with IP-aliasing on a class C range
of adresses.

I need to have a traffic report by ip every day or week or month.

Are there any free products for that or did someone developped a such
utility ?

Thanks in advance,



1. Counting NON-IP & BROADCAST traffic ?

Hi all,

Can anyone tell me how to find out the exact
number of bytes going through the NIC ?

At present I use /proc/net/dev, but the number
of bytes is different to the number reported
by my provider's switch; I think it's the
broadcast and
non-ip packets which aren't being counted.

How can I count every byte which traverses the
interface?? I'm most (!) grateful for any hints!



PS: Sorry for posting again under a different
(more suitable?) heading, but I REALLY need an
answer and no-one answered the first time !!

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