Terminating Automount (autofs)

Terminating Automount (autofs)

Post by J?rg Spilke » Fri, 01 Jun 2001 12:09:52


i sometimes have problems to "really" terminate the automounter. What i
do: Im first unmounting all automounted directories and then stopping
the automounter. ps doesnt show the automounter pid anymore. But a cat
/proc/mounts shows that the automount is yet active on the automount
directory. And every new start ends with the message the the automount
directory is in use or already mounted (even if lsof and fsuer doesnt
show any processes).

Everytime i completely rebootet my workstation. Is there any better way.

Greetings, Joerg


1. BUG?: bos.net.nfs.client. breaks automount/autofs

While doing a fresh install of AIX 4.3.2 on an 43P (332MHz 604e) with
the latest set of available patches from fixdist we noticed that the
automounter (ie. AutoFS) fails to mount directories sometimes.

Since /usr/sbin/automount belongs to bos.net.nfs.client and we don't
have any problems with a machine that has bos.net.nfs.client.
installed we believe that the problem is in the latest available version
of bos.net.nfs.client which is ...

Specifically, has problems mounting SunOS4-boxes and in
we are having random problems mounting Solaris2.6 and other OS's...

Are there others out there that have this problem (there should be ... ;)

Is it a reported bug (I know there should be some fancy www-based
search-thingie somewhere ;) or not ??

/Nikke - who doesn't like patches that breaks things...

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