Monitoring packets sent by my machine?

Monitoring packets sent by my machine?

Post by Andrew DAVISO » Thu, 30 Apr 1998 04:00:00

Dear All,

I've been using tcpdump and tcpshow to monitor user
activity leaving my machine (a Linux box running Debian 1.1).

Recently, I wanted to learn how packet monitoring actually
worked, and wrote a simple C program. It opens a SOCK_PACKET socket
and listens to "eth0" in promiscous mode.

The problem is that the program picks up all the packets on the network
*except* the ones leaving my machine. Why?

Locally transmitted packets *can* be picked up -- that's what
tcpdump is doing. So how do I do it?

BTW, I know about libpcap and will start exploring its use
once I've upgraded my version of Linux.

- Andrew


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