PPPD lcp errors

PPPD lcp errors

Post by ml » Fri, 06 Sep 1996 04:00:00


I've been working on connecting my linux box to a NT driven ISP that
dynamically allocates IP addresses.  I tried dip-3.3.7n but that was not
much help.  I've been using PPPD and I have benn working on a chat
sequence (I don't use a script , it is in the command line) that will properly
negotiate teh connection.

so far:

I have been able to login
start ppp
apperantly pass authentication
and determine remote and local IPs


the connection is dropped every time. I believe this is due to
lcp errors I watch by doing 'trail /var/adm/message on another
tty while the connection is going.

I have tried vj compression seetings
I have tried vj compression off

I just cannot figure it out


matthew ritenburg