Getting the right dynamic IP address with dip

Getting the right dynamic IP address with dip

Post by Bill Crip » Mon, 12 Jan 1998 04:00:00

I just thought that I'd post this in case it helps someone else.
   My ISP has a system where their phone systems passes you to one
of five machines and then that machine gives you a dynamicly
assigned IP address. My dip scrip contained the line:

   get $locip remote 10

The address that this was returning was the address of the machine
that the phone system had handed me to, not my actual assigned
address. I dialed up my ISP with cu to see what text was output when
a ppp connection was made and I could see that both the first machines
address and the dynamic address were appearing. The one I wanted was
the second one.
   It turns out that simply doing the "get $locip remote 10" twice
in a row causes $locip to have the second address. Perhaps this
isn't news to most of you, but knowing this sure was a big help to
me, and maybe it will save someone else a little time too.

Bill Cripe


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Also, sample dip scripts that deal with dynamically allocated IP
addresses would also be helpful. Thanks much.

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