Ftptool 4.6

Ftptool 4.6

Post by Dudley Atkins » Sun, 25 Dec 1994 20:46:32

Okay, I'm stumped.  Ftptool is an X-Windows app, so far as I can tell, but
when I execute it it opens a transient window that is subsequently destroyed,
and nothing further occurs.  I've read the (sparse) docs and I don't see where
a .rc file is required anywhere.  Any takers?

                                        HO HO HO:    dudley


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Has anyone gotten the ftptool4.x on sunsite to compile for linux? I
tried using the Linux patches and it bombed at the link stage.

lex.o undefinde symbol _yywrap referenced from (can't read my writing :-<)
ahh, something segment.

Anybody ever fixed this?

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