where to put localhost in your DNS database?

where to put localhost in your DNS database?

Post by Fengchou » Mon, 14 Oct 1996 04:00:00

I am wondering where should the localhost be placed.  I looked up
three documents but got three different answers.

According to the Linux Network Administratior's Guide by Kirch, the
localhost is put in the named.hosts by adding a dot behind it.  This
won't work for me.

The TCP/IP Network Administration by Craig Hunt put localhost in the
same file without the endding dot.  This won't work either.  But I did
get a strange answer when using nslookup.  My domain name is
luxent.com.tw.  The nslookup did find  localhost.luxent.com.tw, which
is definitely not what I am looking for.

The DNS-Howto did give me a correct answer.  But the way need more
work to be done.  I have to put another "primary" statement for the
localhost.  And I will have to construct another named data file for
this domain.  But this time the nslookup works correctly.

Any comment?