PPP Connection problems

PPP Connection problems

Post by Al Longye » Tue, 21 Nov 1995 04:00:00

>I have had significant problems connecting to my ISP using PPP on my Linux system since
>the addition of PAP.  
>I have tried to use the DIP script posted on the ISP's WWW server, with no success.
>With DIP it is hard to tell what is wrong, because DIP does not give very detailed logs.
>(Of course if someone wants to send me ALL of the configuration files for DIP and
>Linux, I will try that again.)
>I am running Linux 2.1.13, with pppd 2.1.2d.
>What I have attached is the log from a chat/pppd session from 18 Nov. The
>number at the right is the second part of the time.
>The following is the script I use with chat/pppd to connect. This worked before
>the PAP change.
>(yyyyy is my login id and xxxxxx is my password.)
># $HOME/call isp
>export PATH
>/usr/etc/pppd connect 'chat -v "" ATS27=48DT3000024 CONNECT "" \
>        ogin: yyyyy word: xxxxxx' /dev/cua2 38400 debug crtscts \
>        asyncmap 0 -vj modem defaultroute
>This is the contents of the pap-secrets file.
># /etc/ppp/pap-secrets
>#User            remote system  
>#Name            name              password      IP Address (none needed)
>yyyyy            *                 xxxxxx
>The ppp-options file contains
>auth +pap

You need make only one change. Change that statement to:

user yyyyyy