IP Masq troubles

IP Masq troubles

Post by Gary Lawrence Murph » Thu, 05 Dec 1996 04:00:00

I followed the FAQ and the first time I had the system working
(Linux+diald, Win95 behind it) but then had to reinstall many things
including the 2.1.9 kernel ... and I broke it ... now it doesn't work.

Q: Do I need to run gated on the Linux machine?
Q2: there was a change to the ipfwadm syntax --- what is the new
command line for making an IP Forwarding system?


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1. IP Masq'd Workstation to connect to IP Masq'd Workstation

I have setup my Linux Box with IPMasq. Everything runs fine from my win box
behind the proxy. Now I just encountered a problem. I have tried to connect
to an ftp server that is behind NAT server which are both on winboxs

------------              -------------                   ------------      
|                 |             | IP Masq    |   Internet    |   NAT       |
| Win workstation |
| Win         |---------|    Linux      |------------|    Sygate
|---------|    FTP                |
|                 |             |   Proxy      |   Internet    |    Win box
|              | server                |
------------              -------------                   -------------    

I can't seem to connect to the FTP even when the FTP Client is set to
passive mode. Does anyone know whether there is anything I can do on my side
of the connection such as reconfiguring my Linux Box to fwd properly?

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