HP NC/16 TP and HP Vectra 386

HP NC/16 TP and HP Vectra 386

Post by Noah Robert » Thu, 31 Aug 2000 04:00:00

I have this LAN card.  I *believe* it is an ethernet card.  I can't
find the module to load though.  I also have an old 386 with a built in
LAN card....there is a chip on the MB with the same number on it as
the large chip on my card.  The PC is an HP Vectra 386/33NI (386SX)
which I am planning to use as a firewall.

Funny thing, the cops module is the only thing that will load....I
didn't try to connect it to anything though as that is lt0 not eth0.
Are the two compatable...ie can I connect to an ethernet network with an

Has anyone had any luck with this card and/or PC?  I thought linux
had drivers for pretty much every network card on the planet by now.


HP NC/16 TP and HP Vectra 386

Post by Noah Robert » Thu, 31 Aug 2000 04:00:00

I found the HP J2405A (the NC16) listed as an *AMD LANCE* in the
RedHat hardware cumpatability chart.  Maybe the guy in charge of
these hardware charts should put a link of some sort from the *HP*
section to where the driver is :P

I just happened to know enough to recognise the J2405 number, an average
Joe wouldn't think to look for an HP card in the AMD section.


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I'm just wondering if the drivers for the HP PC LAN Adapter NC/16 are any
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I've been reading about the last few weeks :)).


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