Proxy Arp on SLIP/PPP server is giving me problems

Proxy Arp on SLIP/PPP server is giving me problems

Post by Richard Haak » Wed, 19 Jul 1995 04:00:00

A week or three ago, I set up a box with Linux 1.2.1 to be a terminal
server for shell logins, PPP and SLIP.  Shell logins work fine
to a Sparc running Solaris 2.3.   PPP and SLIP are set up in the
conventional way, doing proxy-arp in order to route packets to the
dial-in connection.  This is set up the same way I have done other
servers (which work fine).

However in this case, even though an arp -a shows the correct published
arp entries, the Solaris machine and the Dec Brouter running Cisco
software which is the link to the Internet never show corresponding
entries in their arp tables no matter how many pings are used.

Communications directly from the Linux server work perfectly, it is
just the proxy-arp done for dial-in SLIP and PPP which fails.  
Different network cards have been tried.

I have resorted to hard coding arp entries to get customers working,
but want to get this sorted out.

Has anyone seen something like this?  Is this a known problem fixed in
one of the 1.2.2-11 kernels?

Richard Haakma.


1. PPP server with proxy ARP - a newbie question

Only 200?? You don't have a very big network. We passed 200 quite a
while back, and still refuse to use ProxyARP.

The only thing that you need to update are the routers, not the hosts.
We have only three routers so it is an easy task.

When you find the hardware address for a P-t-P link, you will be kind
enough to let us all know, won't you??

(Actually, there is a hardware 'type' field. This type field indicates
that the device is PPP. The address is always zero.)

There is no hardware address. What proxyarp will use is the hardware
address of the appropriate ethernet controller on your system and the
IP address of the peer's PPP link.

You will get a 'prettier' dump if you use:

/sbin/arp -a

to print the ARP cache table.


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