Questions on Terminal Servers vs. Multiports.

Questions on Terminal Servers vs. Multiports.

Post by Phillip M » Sat, 23 Sep 1995 04:00:00

I would like to hear from an ISP (Internet service provider) that
actually uses a "Multiport Card".  I would like to hear some pro's
and con's of using something like a "Cyclades" or Digiport etc.
Other than a lower cost versus a Terminal server.  Is a multiport
card capable under linux to work properly, on say, a 8-16 line

1. Multiport vs Ethernet Servers vs SCSI Servers

The title says it all: What is the best multiport solution,
cost/performance wise: traditional multiport boards (e.g., Digiboard, etc),
ethernet-based terminal servers or SCSI terminal servers??

We are generally talking about 16-32 users on SCO running character-based
apps on dumb terminals unders OSR5 (Host or Enterprise).


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