A problem when Kernel compile. (about networking option)

A problem when Kernel compile. (about networking option)

Post by Bang Yong H » Sun, 18 Aug 2002 11:19:21

I was activate Netfilter in Kernel options.
(In detail, the option is "Network packet filtering" and " Socket filtering")

and compiled the Kernel & Modules.

and reboot.

then I had a problem.

when Bringing up interface (eth0) I got a message.

"Cannot send dump request : connect refused"

what's wrong with my configuration.


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I have a sun sparc classic running redhat 6.2 (kermel 2.2.14).  What i
would like to know is:

(1) How do i know what options were compiled into the kernel?  I did
the standard install off the cd, but would like to know what exactly
did and didn't get compiled in.

(2) Is there a way to get the exact same options compiled into the
kernel automatically if i upgrade?  I've spent a ton of time getting
the thing running correctly, and I am afraid of upgrading the kernel
and not knowing how to answer the compile time options and ending up
with a system that all of a sudden isn't running


(3) this whole thing is coming up because i want to run Team Fortress
Classic (a HalfLife mod) on masq'd client machines.  It looks like i
need this experimental loose udp patch for things to work, but i don't
know if its already compiled into my kernel or not, and am not sure
how to even check.  Does anyone know the answer to this question.

thx in advance,

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