Power saving mode and networking

Power saving mode and networking

Post by bill davids » Sat, 11 Nov 1995 04:00:00

| When my Pentium running Linux/NCSA httpd is idle, it goes
| into a power saving mode and the disk switches off.
| Now, if I press a key on the keyboard, the system will
| wake up and reactivate the disk.

There is almost certainly a BIOS call for this, but check the setup,
mine all have some option to power up on modem activity, just for
this type of use.

| If I telnet in from a network or a modem, however, the system
| does not know how to wake up.  So I wait forever for the
| system to respond.
| I know I know, turn off the power saving mode in the BIOS.
| But is there any other solution (patch to kernel perhaps)?
| What good is the green feature if I cannot use it?

Keep in mind the Linux halts the CPU when not busy, so it uses a LOT
less power than usual. This results in longer battery life on many
laptops than you get in DOS even with the powersave.
| By the way, the server is supposed to be turned on 7/24/365
| so power saving is a big deal.

See above.


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