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This is another repost.  Sorry, but no reply before...

--------- - <- 486 DX2 running Win95  - <- Intel 233 MMX LINUX 4.2 (2.0.35) +
Win95 Partition

I have recompiled kernel with Network Support built in.  I Pass ethernet
options to
kernel at boot: ether=11,0x300,eth0 (aside question:  Can these parameters
be included
in the lilo.conf file)

I have connected these machines with NE2000 Clones with windows 95 (the
95 to 95 test).  Actually,I have only been able to view through Network
Neighborhood and ping from each machine.  

I have have been able to configure iobase and irq of the LINUX NIC
through a DOS configuration utility.  
Not sure about some card settings:  

1. Do I need 'Full Duplex'? (Can only use this setting if "medium" is set
for "auto-detect" ie.10Base2 etc..)


2. How about the BROM address?  
I can configure this with the DOS program.  Should I? And what values do I

My card is recognized at boot time and the device does get loaded.  I
verified that with dmesg.  

Also, when I do an ifconfig, I see packets ARE TX'd but NOT RX'd.
that is, TX value is non-zero and RX value is zero.

4.  The green light on the NIC on the LINUX box is constant (on).  What
does this

Please, if you have any experience with any of these problems, share!


- Raimee


1. 2.5.1 x86 & a NE2000 clone...

        I've been frantically trying to install x86 and get it to work with
my Linksys EtherPCI II Card, but to no avail.

        The card supports NE2000 'mode' though  due to it's funky I/O
address (scince it's PCI = 0x0000601) x86 doesn't wanna recognize it and I'm
unable to find anything ANYWHERE in eithe my BIOS or in the software
configuration program for the card that'll allow me to change this.

        The only other problem I've had with the software is the stupid
videocard/monitor options that x86 supports.

        I've got a Matrox Millinium PCI card, w/ 4MB, wich is great x86 has
that right there in the menu, but when I get to the monitor selection screen
I'm SOL. I'm running a 13" (not 15) display, and the monitor is ancient (+/-
4 years) it's a TVM MediaScan 4a+, I don't remember what the refresh rates
are exactly. I was (back in the days when I was unenlightnend) able to get
the monitor/videocard combination to work in Linux using either MetroX and

manually call a refresh when a window disappears or I type text onto the

        If anyone has any ideas on the above problems, I'd greatly
appreciate hearing them. Thanks.


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