PPP - user connect

PPP - user connect

Post by Robert Woo » Mon, 12 Oct 1998 04:00:00

I have Linux at home (Redhat 4.2) and I would like to have users start a
PPP connection w/o logging on at root.

I have tried wrappering (ifup-ppp ifcfg-ppp0) and turning on the sticky
bit, but I still get a premession denied.

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance.



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I have a small problem, first I have been working with networking for a
few years, and have set up a server that connect to the Internet through
ppp, and I have a few people that connect to my server through ppp as
well, (basicly I get them to the internet through IP masq) One of the
things I would like to be able to do is some local gaming through the ppp
that the user has and with the 4 other machines in the ether net

                      Internet (Via Modem)        User (Via Modem)
                                |       |       |       |
                                m1      m2      m3      m4

Now I ping the ppp user from m1-4 nothing, times out.
But I can ping from server (since they dial in)
Now My inet connection is dynamic and becomes my default route so as
expected the other ppp connections get that route.

This must be pretty simple but I have no Idea where to go. Also I had
tried to proxy arp for the ppp users connection but All of my Win95
machines as soon as this happens cannot use the ethernet. So I no longer
proxy arp (this may be my whole problem..dunno) Ok the ppp connection to
the Inet had proxy arp as well but it always complained about not being
able to determine ethernet address for proxy arp.

please help... or point to something that may help me...

P.S. I have read through all of the ISP and PPP Howtos and nothing seems
to explain how to intergrate PPP and ethernet in this way

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